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Community Education in Cambodia

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Live & Learn Environmental Education is a non-profit,
non-government organisation which promotes greater understanding and action toward human and
environmental sustainability through education and
dialogue building.

Poverty reduction and quality of life are two issues central to all our environmental education approaches. At the most basic level for all of us, quality of life includes regular access to safe drinking water, nutritious food, and access to basic sanitation. Live & Learn works with communities through critical entry points, such as safe drinking water issues, to address community health concerns but also to facilitate community ownership of problems and the action necessary to address and sustain a better quality of life for all community members.

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Within communities, benefits from education and learning may not take effect until a child reaches adult age, there may be a cultural shift, or change in leadership among Chiefs or Area Councils. We believe that sustainable development requires commitment to lifelong learning for the entire community, grounded in local reality and community values.


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